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Kgautswane / Kgautswane community members during today's protest for a proper D2403 road. Image: Mahlatse waga Motubatse / Kgautswane Independent Progressive movement

Kgautswane community close R36 road amid the protest

  • Kgautswane residents embark on a protest, blocking the R36 road.
  • It’s been almost 3 decades South African government promising the Kgautswane community a proper D2405 road.
  • Limpopo premier fails to attend to the Kgautswane residents’ demanding a proper road in and out of the community.
  • One and half a decade, former President Thabo Mbeki paid the community a visit where he asseverated to build a proper road for the community, nought’s been done thus far.

Ngwaabe – Kgautswane residents cannot take it anymore as they have decided to embark on a protest in order to have South African government listening to them.

Following failure of our government to build a road for Kgautswane residents – they decided to meet at Crossing of Morena Dikgokgo.oooo

Where did the protest start?

The protested started around 3am at Morena Dikgokgo Crossing and the protesters dispersed around 2pm, few minutes prior engaging with one of the Kgautswane’s forum leader.

Dear Kgautswane Residents
Letsibiswa gore strike sela se ka moswana 30.03.2021 ka 03hoo am. Le kgopelwa go rwala community go ba isha crossing ya Morena dikgokgo
Re a leboga

Posted by Mahlatse Waga Motubatse on Monday, March 29, 2021

What’s the protest all about?

On the letter with the opening “Dear President, District Mayor of Sekhukhune and Mayor for Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality” from the Kgautswane Transformation Forum, the main reason behind today’s protest has to do with the road infrastructure for the community thereof.

In SA, it is not a secret that our government can hear the language of burning tyres and blocking roads, not even a peaceful march can yield efficacious outcomes unless vandalism takes place.

According to Kgautswane Transformation Forum’s former spokespearson and planner of the Kgautswane Independent Progressive movement, Mr Motubatse, the D2405 road was supposed to be in place not later 2016 / 2017 as the contract of building such a road was approved in 2016, albeit until today, there is merely a gravel leading inside and outside of Kgautswane.

Early February 2021, STUF News reported and exhibited how the community struggle during the rinfall.

On the 16th of September 2020, the community logged a call on the Limpopo Premier’s Hotline against the Road Agency Limpopo which awarded the Mashao Consulting a contract for the upgrading of the D2405 road, which remained a gravel up until recently, to a “tarred road” as per community leadership’s demand.

Surpringly, according to Motubatse, Mashao Consulting didn’t make such an upgrade with the excuse that, as engineer at the Mashao Consulting, Mr Tulsi, said he tried to reach the Office of the Premier for assistance without luck.

The road to be upgraded, starts from Alberton to Kgautswane village, stone’s throw Burgersfort. The contract numbers for the project are, Ral/c630b/2016 and Ral/c631b/2016, respectively.

It is reported that, the community members thereof even tried reaching the Office of the Presidency without luck.

Who graced your protest and what did the person/s say?

Only one person from the Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality came to the prosters to address them, the name was not disclosed to shun from unnecessary tension from varying political structures.

Police officers [to curb the situation from escalating to damaging property or any unanticipated situation] and firefighters [since there’s been the burning of tyres] joined the protesters.

No harm to property or inflicting of injury to one’s body were reported. The protesters dispersed peacefully, awaiting a meeting at the local municipality’s office.

The results yielded by the protest

The lleadership succeeded to secure a meeting with the local municipality in their midst to device way forward.