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Police officers responding to a hostage situation. Picture:

Johannesburg metro police firearm used to kill two women in Limpopo

Ngwaabe – A firearm discovered to be of a police officer from the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) is used to kill two women in Limpopo.

The suspect, according to police spokesperson Brigadier Motlalefa Mojapelo, is identified as Joel Masila, aged 33, allegedly took a 25-year-old Sarah Mokwela from her home on the morning of Sunday prior murdering her.

The incident was merely reported to the police on the evening of Sunday, Mojapelo made the assertions that the Mokwela’s family said they last saw Sarah around 07:00am when she left with Masila who took her to the nearest bushes where firings were heard by the community.

Mokwela’s family) alleged that Joel Masila took Sarah from her house at around 7 am yesterday morning. They were allegedly seen going into the bushes next to the nearby mountains,” Mojapelo said.

“The community members then allegedly heard gunshots sounds in the area. The suspect then reportedly proceeded to the other scene whereby he was shot dead by the police after a hostage situation.”

The community notified the police of the firearm shots they heard and later Mokwela’s body was found with a wound to the head which led to her fatality.

The suspect, Masila, was found and consequently shot dead during the taking hostage of a second victim in Ga-Matsea village in Mankweng where he held hostage, a 50-year-old woman and a 16-year-old girlo alongside the University of Limpopo (UL).

“The police were called to a hostage situation at GaMatsea village … at about 3pm and on arrival, shots were allegedly fired from within the house. In the process, the injured 16-year-old girl managed to escape through the window and was taken to hospital,” said Mojapelo.

The SAPS hostage negotiators and tactical team arrived at the scene

“The hostage negotiators of the South African Police Service and members of the Tactical Response Team soon arrived at the scene and immediately took positions to deal with the matter.”

The taooooctical team then forced entry into the house, after waiting for about 3 hours outside, and they found the old lady dhot dead as Mosila kept firing at the police. And it is revealed that the firearm belongs to Mosila’s brother who works for JMPD.

“It is believed that the hostage taker shot and killed the woman and then hid in the bathroom,” said Mojapelo.

“He seemingly continued firing at the police when they penetrated the house, damaging one of their shields. He was then fatally shot. Preliminary police investigations revealed that the firearm belongs to his brother who is a member of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD).”