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Party in Mabopane Highway Image: Twiter

Young people in Mabopane highway captured on camera partying’s party end in tears

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The youth captured on camera partying on the Mabopane highway and despising the lockdown regulations.

Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula says those who transgressed the regulations thereof will be tracked down and brought to book.

According to Mbalula, Pretoria young people blocked the highway with vehicles as they were partying and drinking whilst the newly established lockdown regulations prohibit such demeanour.

“We are equally appalled by video clips of disgraceful behaviour by young people, in the R80 Mabopane highway into the Dasroort tunnel, who were partying, drinking and blocking the road in large numbers.” said Mbalula.

The misdemeanour of the youth on the Mabopane highway had the party ending in tears as one of the vehicles in the convoy crashed injuring some of the youngsters.

“These dastardly acts invariably end in tragedy. This conduct is unacceptable, and mercy towards people who turn our roads into party spots and disregard either the rules of the road or the Covid-19 regulations.” added Mbalula.

One replied that they have to forget posting a video of a white man carrying a gun, some referred to as a “big gun” asking Minster of Police Bheki Cele to do his job.

Even though lockdown regulations are transgressed, a Twitter account which goes by the name Palabadi replied that he/she like what the youth is doing as they are taking ownership of their country.

People are saying, Pretoria on its way, classifying it more like Orania Town.

It’s said that the party started at Shortleft Macnose Cafe. Irrespective of South Africa seeing a second wave of the Novel Coronavirus, the youth are enjoying pre-festive season as usual without the fear of contracting the disease.

Currently, the social media is talking about the party that caught the eyes of South Africans.

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