You are currently viewing Jacob Zuma’s shenanigans come to light

Jacob Zuma’s shenanigans come to light

Ga-Maphopha Talane – The former South African Jacob Zuma’s skeletons that he thought would forever remain in the closet has finally come to light.

It is obviously apparent that the former SA President’s facing charges that are far from what he has committed – the unreserved corruption, fraud, mischiefs and abuse of power or office as the RSA leader.

Recently, it has come to the public eye that Zuma didn’t just steal from the State yet he has broken the State. At the wake of this morning, the prominent South African Media Press, Daily Maverick engaged in a topic where the real identity of the owner of Aloe Lifestyle Hotel in Eshowe Town, KwaZulu-Natal. The hotel called more than a hotel – that’s because it’s worth millions of Rand.

The real identity of the owner came to the public eye when one of Zuma’s wives, Thobeka Madiba-Zuma, who was thrown out of an/or barred from Nkandla earlier this year before going to lockdown, took him to maintenance court.

According to Daily Maverick, Jacob Zuma was named as the real owner of the Eshowe Aloe Hotel by his wife, Thobeka as she made assertions in a sworn statement in an application filed in the Pietermaritzburg High Court that, her husband is the benefactor of the hotel which is registered in the name of a third party. She labels him “exceptionally wealthy in his rights,” she went ahead to say his assets are not registered in his name.

Saying such for someone who tricked the public as we saw him on the last day of 2019, the 31st December visiting Capitec Bank – Richards Bay Branch accompanied by former SAA Chairperson Dudu Myeni who’s by then the Chairperson of Zuma Foundation. Surely, this happened so that the public will think he’s dissipated the money he stole (non-Robin Hood’d) from the state, making it easy for him to further his thieving from the public.

It is alleged that the Constane Khensani Ndlovu was the sole owner of the hotel when it was a Fleurdale B and B Close Corporation (CC) which was then changed to a Pty Ltd in 2019 of which can be confirmed by visiting the Aloe Lifestyle Hotel‘s website where it is shown that it was registered as such a Pty Ltd in 2019.

What does this tell us as the public?

Surely there’s more to this, Thobeka can’t just take Zuma to child maintenance court if he’s not making money with which he can be able to maintain them, this is just another shenanigan the citizens of SA aren’t aware of, sadly we can’t say the same for the African National Congress (ANC), literally ANC’s are fully aware of JZ’s shenanigans as tons of them held and would be holding their private meetings there. Now, you can ask yourself of what does it mean to us as South Africans, are we safe?

It is sad to have some disturbing news or to witness misdemeanour of those supposed to be protecting our country, disreputing it. It is highlighted that Zuma’s retinue have been accommodated at Aloe Lifestyle Hotel prior covid-19, even now they’re still there and the accommodation is from the public purse – people’s money.

Myriads of SA citizens thought the stepping down of JZ of the president of SA would come up with some humongous impact. little did they know a lot will be happening in the fogginess created but his leaving the office to the public.

What more evidence is needed to convict corrupted and deceitful leaders stealing from the public who are even exposed by their loved ones?

We are living in a simplonic world or should it be called a country so full of vultures feigning to be so cherishing towards the vulnerable ones. What happened to non-political businesspeople who lost their wealth because they didn’t pay SARS? What about the Public Protector seat? What’s the purpose of the State Capture Inquiry where Judge Zondo’s the presiding officer if dramatical scenes emerge to be what the public is fed of?

What is it tat we are not aware of?

Is apartheid to be blamed for letting go of the strict rules that our country heed as they trickled within as the abandonment thereof let to this madness.