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Child abuse, literally sexual exploitation is a national issue. Picture: Hindustan Times

Praktiseer: A 11-year-old girl’s raped by cousins in Limpopo

Ngwaabe – A 11-year-old girl is raped by her cousins in Praktiseer in Limpopo – the raping of minors seem to be on the rise in the province.

The raped minor’s family wants justice for her against the relatives in Praktiseer, literally cousins who raped her on two occasions, first at her home and secondly, at her grandmother’s home.

SABC News reported that, the first suspect was jailed and later released on bail of which he despised the conditions to relocate from the village. The second suspect’s jailed and denied bail.

The father says his daughter “lives in fear” as the rapes happened at places supposed to be where she feels more secure – something of which the family seeks justice.

“You know children are not allowed to go out of the yard, I have to get everything, food, TV and toys because when somebody can just come to our yard and rape our daughter it means we are not taking good care of our daughters. And now I don’t trust anyone even family members because the very same family member came and raped our daughter when he knew she had been raped by another family member.”

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The issue of minor rapes emerge to be devastating and hurting to the victims and their clans as they feel all helpless.

The Founder of TEARS Foundation [which is at the for-front of developing innovative ways of dealing with abuse, as well as empowering the youth of South Africa through education about rape], Ms Mara Glennie says SA during thr lockdown has seen an increase in child sexual exploitation or sexual violence.

She says families of children who are exposed to sexual violence and/or are victims of sexual offences to seek help for them – COUNSELLING.

She says being raped by people you value kills the trust in minors as they will never trust someone again.

“That poor child will never be trusting of someone again because to be repeatedly raped by people she values is the worst kind of betrayal there can ever be. One of the very important aspects, when you have been helped, is that you need to get counselling. Our number is *134*7355#. It’s a free call, call us now, we will help you,” said Glennie.