You are currently viewing Ruwaidah Edith Henney’s past misdemeanour with the law catches up with her

Ruwaidah Edith Henney’s past misdemeanour with the law catches up with her

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Self-proclaimed Advocate Ruwaidah Edith Henny (38) from Free State, was found guilty and convicted on charges of fraud last week, following her fraudulent conduct in April 2018.

The accused was struck off the roll of lawyers for falsifying documents to apply for a magistrate’s post in 2018, such demeanour gained her a criminal record.

Henney was in Bloemfontein Magistrate Court when she was approached by a senior magistrate, asking her if she’s of interest to step in as an acting magistrate, for which she appeared energetic to apply for as she was asked to submit relevant documentations with which to cushion the aforesaid position.

Captain Christopher Singo of Free State Hawks said he was there when the accused was approached for the position. He further said, based on her resume she was then designated for the position.

Even though Henny’s resume was beyond approach, it was later figured out that she had falsified information which confirmed her being a lawyer, as such she was asked to bring forth information in order to ascertain if she’s indeed an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa.

“The accused was initially asked to provide proof of her admission as a lawyer and was asked again at the end of July 2018,” said Singo.

Henny sent an email on which she posed as if she’s someone from the Bar to lure the senior magistrate to believing into her being a lawyer.

“An email dated July 25, 2018, which was allegedly written by the Bar, was sent by the accused in this regard”

Eventually, it came to the attention of the senior magistrate who approached and asked Henny to apply for the position, having received information from the Acting Bar Director, that she didn’t register or had never been registered as a lawyer or admitted as such.

Captain Singo says she was then approached regarding her admittance as a lawyer of which she agreed to falsifying the information.

“The accused was then confronted and she admitted during the meeting that she had fabricated the documents confirming that she had never been admitted as a lawyer… On October 29, 2019, the accused received subpoenas and was convicted on December 10, 2020,” said the FS Hawks Captain.

Following the hearing of the accused’s case for having transgressed with the law and acting on the most respectful position, verdict was reached.

“She was sentenced to 36 months of correctional supervision and an additional 36 months suspended for five years provided she was not found guilty of fraud, forgery and putting into circulation committed during the period of suspension”

The court order that “the name of the accused must also be removed from the list of lawyers by June 30, 2021.”