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eThekwini mayor is giving his all to fight whistle-blowers

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Corruption is one of the most badgering thing in South Africa, Daily News has recently earnt that mayor Mxolisi Thomas Kaunda of eThekwini Municipality in Durban is fighting those who are whistle blowing top at the his metro as an arrest and suspension of junior and senior officials in the municipality, was made following the leaking information to the media.

The major voiced his anger during the virtual executive meeting yesterday, Tuesday, at those who leaked to the media, information that led to the arrest and suspension of top officials at the municipality.

Kaunda said the information was leaked even before they were processed by the executive committee and council. The information leaked to the media is from the City Integrity and Investigations Unit (CIIU).

The mayor showed his anger when CIIU reports about coivd-19 spending was leaked to the media on Sunday, and broadcasted on the news on Monday.

“The question is that reports from CIIU get leaked to the media before they are processed. Have you been able to identify the perpetrators? Who is the weakest link,” asked Kaunda.