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Three home affairs officials from Ga-Sekhukhune arrested for corruption

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Three home affairs officials (aged interval 30 and 42) arrested for corruption, two officials are from Jane Furse Home Affairs and the other one is from Nebo. It is made known that these officials are from the Immigrant segment.

This came as a shock to the residents of Sekhukhune as they are looking up to these officials, thanks to DPCI – The Hawks for the exposure thereof. It is so sad how public officials are misusing their service power, it is not a secret that some of them are not qualified for the positions they hold.

There is lack of job opportunities yet government officials keep engaging in corruption that even lead to higher perecentage of unemployment. These officials failed to act as anticipated as their major aim is to verify the identity of those residing in the Republic of South Africa yet because of their despising the service as well as their salaries, they let money outweigh the laws governing and regulating immigrants and/or foreigners in a simple term, entering the borders of the RSA.

Such immigrants are obligated to be in possession of documents legalising their stay snd/or visit in South Africa (SA), the Immigrant in question isn’t documented and/or in possession of permit accompanied by passport to dwell in SA, legally so!
The illegal immigtant weren’t arrested as the illegality thereof led to the transgression of the Immigration Act 13 of 2002 as the provisions thereof “provide for the regulation of  admission of persons to, their residence in, and their departure from the Republic; and for matters connected therewith” as it reads.

Such transgression shouldbe led to naught apart from immediate arrest which didn’t require the warrant thereof as it warrants to the commission of crime in the presence of officials thereof, albeit a huge amount of money said to be about R10 000.00 (which was reduced to R4 000.00) were asked of the illegal immigtant to furnish as the mere way of being pardoned for being undocumented.
All we ever wished for as a nation was to have the most responsible and well-organised state, corruption and nepotism not being what we bargained for when voting the current party (African National Congress  (ANC)) in power.

A lot has happened.
The trio accused are anticipated to appear before the court of law, the Motetema Magistrate Court, on Wednesday, the 4th of November, to answer on the charges of corruption they are facing.