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Jane Furse Plaza is congested on Christmas Eve

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Jane Furse – Jane Furse on Christmas Eve, is full of people, it’s cold though one can feel the heat.

Those with high blood fled Plaza, on one of our Reporters’ way to Plaza, elderly people were fleeing the place empty handed, even posed a question that “where have they been all along, because they should have purchased what they are here to buy few days ago.”

It’s the 24th of December – Christmas Eve, and we are aware that myriads got paid yesterday but the situation here is like any other Christmas Eve, given that the previous ones that did not trickle within the outbreak like the Novel Coronavirus.

One woman fled the situation, highlighting what SABC News broadcasted about a Zimbabwean Woman who died at the Beitridge Border Post yesterday, allegedly of “fatigue.”

No advise emerged from the Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality thus far, though they send Traffic Police to handle the situation. regarding way forward as tomorrow it will be the biggest that many people have been anticipating.

Fortunately, no fatalities or any serious condition following the congestion. If we can stay home together, and allow those in need of basic needs fill the complex, then everyone would be safe.

Elderly emerged badgered saying, “those in places with high number of confirmed Covid-19 cases, and they are here with us, we are not even away if they don’t have the virus. We can’t wear masks fully because we are suffocating, and we are breathing the same air, we are afraid but we don’t have a choice, we have to go home with what we came here for.”

An arrest has been made outside Jane Furse shopping centre as there was a person scamming people, thanks to the police for their bravery and continuous proactive policing, and the curbing of heinous crimes.

As it’s sunset, the congestion seem to disappear.