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Zimbabwean woman dies whilst waiting to cross Beitbridge Border

Yesterday, a Zimbabwean woman died whilst on a bus at Beitbridge Border Post in Limpopo as she has been there since Monday afternoon.

According to eNCA, there have been no food and water whilst the travellers were waiting for over a day to cross the border to Zimbabwe.

It is reported that the woman has been “complaining of fatigue and asked fellow passengers to pray for her,” whilst feeling dizzy and soon passed away.

The bus driver said they “held her and gave her water.” After drinking water, she became all good and exited the bus for some fresh air, she fainted and passengers helped her.

Though she didn’t stay outside for that long. She had to get back to the bus due to Covid-19 regulations, when she returned. she was unconscious.

“Some of the ladies in the bus started praying for her and pouring water on her head and giving her some water to drink. As time went by, she lost consciousness and passed away.

This incident follows after traffic jams at the border in Limpopo, interval Zimbabwe and South Africa.

There was long queues of cars and trucks for about 12 kilometres between Beitridge and Musina.

Some passengers told reporters that they have been on the queue for 3 days just to cross the border.