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“Your disability does not mean you are incapable of succeeding in life” say Dr Singo

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Dr Lutendo Rhinah Singo is living a disability of profound deafness, but refuse giving up in life until she attained her PhD in Hydrology from thebUniversity of Venda (UNIVEN). She recently published her “Disability Doesn’t Mean Inability” book.

Dr Singo begun experiencing the hearing problem at 7, since then she’s been living with the disability. She grew up in a small village called Mukumbani just the outskirt of Thohoyandou.

Singo says she felt obligated to reduce her life experiences in a book and share with the world.

“I felt obliged to transform my life experiences into a book to inspire others and give hope as well as motivate others out there,” said Dr Singo.

She explained how her parents refused her going to special school as she was deaf, and how social workers and speech therapists came to her rescue to move past the obstacles, and attend public school irrespective of her condition.

“This is because my parents rejected any attempt for me to be sent to special schools for the deaf as I was just a sickly child,” Singo explained.

Doctor Singo’s book is aimed at inspiring those living with disability, as she trying to pass the message across borders that living with such doesn’t mean one’s incapable of doing things or cannot stand for themselves.

Even Dr Singo had a rough life, she didn’t throw a towel on her aspirations, she persisted until she gained entrance to further her studies with UNIVEN, where she attained her PhD.

She co-authored a number of academic journals, and that let to her publishing her own book with which to share how hard her life emerged and how challenges or disability as something you cannot change can be used to inspire your life.

“People must know that disability is not a choice and has no age limit, therefore anyone can become disabled. We are all only one step away from any form of disability,” said Dr Singo.

If you are interested in buying her book, kindly WhatsApp her on 083 756 6529 or connect with her on Facebook, Singo Rhinah Tshivhase.