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The coronavirus added more pressure to the already buckling healthcare system

The problem we are facing in South Africa is that many of us don’t have the access to speak up and stand for ourselves – that’s why detrimental decisions are taken on our behalf.

When the Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize was questioned and the public needed answers to know why our healthcare system’s still poor in this difficult times.

The minister tried running from the questions that needed answers when he said there are two issues that need go be looked upon to answer the asked questions.
He said, in terms of covid-19 a lot is done to improve beds in SA hospitals. Secondly, more ventilators are brought in to curb the situation.

But to be exact and based on SA doctors, such seem to be the opposite of what’s happening in our hospitals.

The following are the most significant questions that our government must answer;

Why are we cutting budgets in hospitals?
South Africans are concerned about the decision our government made in cutting healthcare budgets whereas there are so many trivial state-owned organisations or companies where the cutting of budget seen to be reasonable under the given circumstance.

The major concern and questions raised are asking the government’s decision or failure to put much effort in strengthening the healthcare system since many lives are impacted but the coronavirus. Experts are why our government’s still able to take out R10 billion to save SAA but fail to refine the healthcare system.

Why are we able to cut jobs in SABC?
We have seen a number of SABC workers losing their jobs or being retrenched as one of our government’s plan to make our healthcare system even more stronger but a huge amount of money is sent to save SAA instead of saving lives, of which if such a humongous amount of money was given to the hospitals, many should have been having their jobs as they have families to feed.