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SAPS Douglasdale station lieutenant colonel was arrested on charges of extortion and corruption. Picture:

SAPS officer arrested for corruption in Gauteng

Johannesburg – SAPS officer is arrested for extorting money from a bed and breakfast (B&B) owner in Gauteng.

The SAPS officer demanded R60,000.00 from the owner thereof. The suspects has been extorting money and engaging in corruption since 2018.

Arrested is a 55-year-old lieutenants colonel from Douglasdale police station and his accomplice, a 37-year-old constable handed himself to the police last month.

Lieutenant colonel was arrested by the Hawks [DPCI] in his home, south of Johannesburg on Wednesday.

The B&B owner’s said to be operating illegal brothel and didn’t comply with SARS tax – the police saw an opportunity and misused their powers as they extorted money.

“His arrest is linked to the alleged extortion and corruption which took place at a bed and breakfast in Randburg, where he and his accomplice, a 37-year-old constable, allegedly demanded an amount of R60,000 from the complainant to avoid being arrested on allegations of not complying with Sars tax regulations and operating an illegal brothel, in March 2018,” said Hawks spokesperson Captain Ndivhuwo Mulamu.

The police officers had anonymous men who posed as officials from SARS to be able to have the owner paying them off.

.“Among the suspects, there were unknown men who introduced themselves as Sars officials. The suspects allegedly threatened to close down the business if the complainant did not meet their demands.”

Things backfired when the sergeant forcefully demanded R35,000.00 from the B&B owner, into one their account as they made him transfer the money from his laptop.

The lieutenant colonel will soon appear in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on corruption and extortion charges.