You are currently viewing Precious Mohale Magabane who was murdered by her Pakistan boyfriend in December 2018 buried after more than 23 months following her death
Precious Magabane Image: Sowetan

Precious Mohale Magabane who was murdered by her Pakistan boyfriend in December 2018 buried after more than 23 months following her death

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Precious Mohale Magabane from Ga-Mahlokwane in Burgersfort, who was murder by her Pakistan boyfriend back in December 2018. the 23rd, laid to rest on the 12th of December 2020.

The Magabane family struggled to make peace with the murdering of their daughter, who was allegedly murdered by her Pakistan boyfriend.

What traumatised the family emerge to be the discovery of Precious’ body along the R37 Burgersfort road.

The family had to hire a private investigator (PI) whilst using the services of the Limpopo Provincial Police to ascertain the cause of their daughter’s murder and find closure.

Precious was described as a Church-goer and fearing God woman. She was last seen on the 23rd of December 2018 as she went to attach a Church in Aloe Ridge, she was a grade 3 teacher at Kabishi Primary School in Mashamothane village.

Following thorough investigation, Limpopo police arrested two Pakistan nationals in February 2019 in connection with the kidnapping and slaughtering of Precious. The two accused were identified as the deceased’s boyfriend, Chema Ashan (28) and his accomplice, Raza Ali (24).

Following the arrest, the accused gave the police, directions to where the deceased’s body was hidden, albeit merely her head and intestines were found at the location.

Her family said, the deceased was supposed to enjoy the Christmas Eve with her family, and supposed to bringing clothes for her two children, but didn’t show up.

“She was supposed to be home on Christmas Eve to celebrate the day with us. We were shocked wgen se did not come back. that’s when we called and texted her, but received no response,” said the family.

They add that, “she was supposed to bring Christmas clothes for her two children and we were puzzled when did not return.”

The family said they received suspicious whatsApp texts when they asked of her whereabouts, with a poorly written Sepedi. some with yes or no. Which is typically unlike precious.

The deceased had argument with her boyfriend Cheem, who allegedly requested the services of Ali to murder her, she was stabbed with a knife.

“When things started to go sour between them, Cheema enlisted the services of Ali to murder her on 23 December 2018, they both went to the deceased’s home. An argument ensued between the deceased and Cheema during which both the accused assaulted and stabbed Magabane with a knife,” such assertions made to Limpopo High Court.

Community members have since gathered to expel foreigners in their midst.

The accused confessed to have taken the deceased’s parts to different places following the dismantling of her body into pieces, “her head and arms were buried in a shallow grave,” said the accused.

Precious Mohale Magabane’s leaving behind, two children over a minor issue by a foreign local.