You are currently viewing Police Minister Bheki Cele visits Former President Jacob Zuma in Nkandla
Former President Jacob Zuma and Bheki Cele during the Nkandla meeting (Image file: Twitter)

Police Minister Bheki Cele visits Former President Jacob Zuma in Nkandla

  • Another Nkandla mansion tea.
  • Police Minister Bheki Cele meets Former President Jacob Zuma in Nkandla.
  • Cele was stopped by MKMVA prior entering Nkandla.

Johannesburg – Early today, Police Minister Bheki Cele visited Former President Jacob Zuma in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal.

According to Dasen Thathiah, a senior reporter at eNCA, Cele were denied immediate entrance to Nkandla, his cars, literally state vehicles, were stopped. He was then allowed entry into Zuma’s Nkandla.

The discussion or reason for the visit is not yet known. Cele will be updating the African National Congress (ANC) brats about the outcome of the frivolous and corruption-marshalled meeting interval the two.

Does this mean South Africa has fallen down for good? Or for the showoffs?It is so sad how things are done in South Africa, people idolised SA politicians, they make them trends whilst misusing people’s money for the sake of being broadcasted. Will it ever be enough for politicians to cease playing games and do what they are supposed to do?

Did Cele’s visit to Nkandla worth having state resources misused whilst running away from things that might change SA for the better. The Police Ministry’s been doing some shoddy work, lives are lost, imbeciles are prioritised and media companies idolise the imbeciles just to get more viewers.

If there is a section feigning one from voicing out, then such section must be rescinded and enact sections focusing on curbing the current situation in our country even bigger than Covid-19.

Possible reasons behind Cele’s astuteless voyage to Nkadla.

EFF Leader Julius Malema’s request for tea meeting with Zuma got to ANC brats, that’s why the recent grasping of presented by Zuma’s denial to appear at Zondo-Zuma Commission of Inquiry. The visit is for proving a point.

Is it ANC or some cartel. Why respect for somnambulists?

Following the meeting, it is reported that Cele’s peasants didn’t stop to address Zuma’s shields or the media, with the conclusion that ANC oldies must be the ones to get the update prior confabulating with the media regarding such.

Truth is, what’s happening in South Africa is a wakeup call to those in their slumber. Unless they enjoy poverty.

Wake up – wake up South Africa.