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The President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa / Image: Marota Welcome Mokabane

Is Ramaphosa going to survive the motion of no confidence?

Ga-Maphopha Talane – South Africa will start counting down for the coming motion of no confidence, the question spinning in our encephalon emerge to be the ascertainment of President Ramphosa’s surviving or not surviving the motion of confidence.

We can debate about this the whole day, but one thing we have to be certain of is that we’re not the ones who’ll be making the decision there. Talking about South Africa I know, the motion of no confidence’s protocols merely exist in writing, meaning the application thereof will never take place as long as South Africans are led by feigners of change.

What is meant by the motion of no confidence

To break the concept “motion of no confidence” down, this simply denotes a vote or statement whether a person in a position, in this case, the President of the Republic of South Africa, is no longer seen as the right person to lead SA or retain his presidential role, presumably because the person is inadequate in some segment, is failing to carry out presidential obligations, or is making decisions that members of the same or other party feel as being annihilating.

In South African Government, it simply tells us that other party no longer has confidence in the president or members of the same party no longer want a particular person as the president of SA because he/she has failed to protect one of them in their corrupt acts.

Why Ramaphosa might fail to make it or survive the motion of no confidence?

It is known that African Movement Transformation (ATM)’s the party that requested the occurrence of no confidence motion as they strongly believe Ramaphosa’s not the right person to take SA forth, albeit ATM leader didn’t disclose why they made such request. We are all aware that Cyril made enemies with ANC members when he wanted the public to see how abiding to presidential obligation he’s been.

We heard myriads of South Africans saying Jacob Zuma move past and survive motions of no confidence, but this isn’t going to work to Rampashosa’s favour as we have seen members of ANC outside the court where Ace Magashule was answering to the charges against him, they felt like Mr President betrayed them as he could’ve made the case to go away

We know that ATM has two seats in parliament, making the party not even a percentile closer to ANC but experts are fully aware that the party might survive even though they won’t meet the two-thirds to survive the motion.

Some of us spot Ramaphosa as the one selling out SA, we have witnessed horrible things since his ascendency as the President of the RSA, but it is not just to pin everything on him.

The motion of no confidence will take place on Thursday