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Ex-lawyer Lucas Phasha appeared in the Polokwane High Court to challenge the admissibility of the Facebook posts as evidence (picture:

Ex-lawyer accused of vengefully killing his four children

Lucas Phasha, a former attorney, is accused of killing his four children in what is believed to be a revenge against his wife for cheating on him, appeared in the Polokwane High Court on Thursday, the 18th of March 2021.

The murder-accused Phasha appeared in the High Court to challenge the admissibility of his Facebook messages as evidence.

It is reported that, the accused allegedly posted messages on Facebook the day he allegedly slaughtered his four children.

Phasha was tried in Sekhukhune district on the 17th of February 2021 for allegedly killing his four children – Katlego (9), Joyce (7), Tshepo (5), and Adel (3 – where he pleaded not guilty.

The accused allegedly cut three of his four children with an axe, and the younger one hit or beaten with a big stone – their bodies were in two different places during the discovery.

Prior killing the kids, Phasha wrote on his Facebook page that his wife’s been cheating on him and that she’s neglected the children.

A builder and taxi driver were allegedly cited as the ones with whom Phasha’s wife was cheating with, such adultery led her to contracting sexually transmitted disease which she was spreading in the village as he [Phasha] claimed.

Following his claims, he indicated that his wife would not set her eyes on the children again [little did his followers know that he meant taking their lives so that she won’t [indeed] see them again].

Murder-accused’s nephew, state witness, Raymond Phasha testified about the Facebook posts admitted as evidence, he highlighted that they’re friend on Facebook.

Raymond testified that during the arrest of his uncle, the posts were still there as he checked them he was also said that he heard people saying that Facebook can be hacked, such assertions had the Prosecutor interjecting the line of questioning the witness [Raymomd], arguing that such line made the assumption that he “was an expert on technological matters.”

Raymond also testified that his uncle agreed to killing his two children on the day their bodies were found.

The defence lawyer Lucky Mkhize challenged the admissibility of the Facebook posts and said that the accused would deny that he posted those messages on Facebook.

Mkhize, when cross-examining the withe, said that there’s a high possibility that the accused didn’t post the messages and that his account may also have been hacked.

Judge Gerrit Muller adjourned the proceedings, provided that the ruling on the admissibility of Facebook posts as evidence would be on the 25th of March.

On Wednesday, the accused’s defence were fiasco in challenging the admissibility of thr Facebook posts as the contents thereof were provided by Raymond. And also on having the statement of the neighbour, Alfred Mabitsela who gave the testimony that Phasha called him where he admitted killing his four children.

The trial is set to resume on the 26th of April for the hearing of further evidence.