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Estranged Sekhukhune residents saying no to politics

Maladministration is the most badgering enemy our government fail to see as corruption is leading to failure to deliver services to the inhabitants of the Republic of South Africa  (RSA) as promised. Politicians cogitate about nothing if not their stomach.

We see Sekhukhune residents’ anger due to lack of water, they are pinning it all to the government as we hear the leaders of the community saying politics must be ceased in their areas as nothing good came out of it.

In a nutshell, our government is failing them though they voted them in power, consequently they find it best to remain with their chief leaders and/or to be led by them not any political party whatsoever as they are suffering under their watch.

Jane Furse RDP and Mamone residents were having no water for few days and from the mob, the Sekhukhune Local Municipality didn’t bother taking part or being of a helping hand to the residents who voted their leading political party in power.

This sounds more like a betrayal as the residents thereof decisively reached a conclusion that no political party would lead them nor will they vote in the the coming elections.

It hurts and it is frustrating electing a particular party with the hope of it bettering the lives of the unprivileged or poor people, that’s why these residents can’t take it anymore apart from restoring to the decision of having no leaders, which possibly if it’s taken into consideration, the Sekhukhune Municipality would completely shutdown, that’s only if what they want is possible.