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Congestion at the Beitbridge Border Post had been cleared

Limpopo – Traffic at the Beitbridge border is cleared.

Home Affairs yesterday told the media that accessibility at the Beitbridge border is now easy.

The clearing of traffic between South Africa and Zimbabwe follows the passing of few people whilst awaiting to cross the border.

The Department of Health recently announced the suspension of Covid-19 screening following the escalation of crime and deaths, as well as complaints of hunger experienced by those on the queue, as well as advise from Road Freight Association (RFA).

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In a statement issued by Home Affairs yesterday, the border is now free of traffic.

“The Musing Local Municipality provided additional holding areas which enabled vehicles going to the border to be released to travel in manageable numbers. The municipality also provided ablution facilities and water along the route from the town of Musina to the port of entry.”

Travellers are urged to keep observing traffic and immigration laws, and health protocols in place to fight the spread of Covid-19.