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ANC Northern Cape provincial secretary want to migrate to Orania as he applies for a land

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ANC Northern Cape secretary Deshi Ngxanga just applied for a land in Orania, an Afrikaneer town with its own currency, located in Northern Cape province.

Ngxanga wants to relocate to Orania as soon as possible as he’s ready to build a house there, a town known for its low crime rate and unreserved emphasis on self-reliance and the preservation of Afrikaneer culture.

In a letter written by Ngxanga to Orania’s municipal manager and Orania Movement’s former leader, Carel Bishoff, he asked of available lands for sale.

“I am directing this letter yo him to find out about posdibkr possible residential plots that are available in Orania. Orania forms part of South Africa and I guess it is open to people of all races who are interested in residing in the town,” said Ngxanga.

He went ahead saying, “Acts like the Group Areas Act and the Bantu self-government were declared inconsistent with the Constitution and were scrapped from the statute books. “

In his letter, he simply stated as it reads with the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, specially Chapter of the Bill of Rights, every inhabitant has a right to enter, to remain snd dwell or reside anywhere in RSA.

Ngxanga’s going all in as he highlighted that he’s notifying his lawyers about the request he has made, his relocating yo Orania town. Saying he’s making sure that law is on his side in saw his request to dwell in Orania’s declined as his lawyers would be able to challenge the decision based on the Constitutional provisions of the land.

“Please let me know of available plots and how much they cost I am interested in building my house and relocating to Orania as soon as possible. I am also copying my lawyers so that we can initiate a legal challenge if I’m declined residency un Orania on the basis of my skin,” cited Nxanga.

The Northern Cape ANC’s provincial secrety defended his colour and that of Black South Africans in general, emphasised the fact that every person’s afforded the privilege to stay wherever he/she wants to stay and free from discrimination based on their colour.

“Everyone should be free to choose where they wish to day on South Africa. We will oppose any discrimination based on rac,” added Ngxanga.

Bishoff responded on the circulation of Ngxanga’s plan to relocate to Orania on social, he highlighted thst even though a formal application had been textured, he’s not the one dealing with application. And he assured that, if the application if made, it will be treated like any other application irrespective of Nxanga’s race.

“I am not directly involved in the applications as it will ve handled by the town council. It will be treated like say other application,” said Boshoff.

The former leader of Orania Movementer indicated that the council offices normally close for yhr festive season, from the 24th of December until 2nd of January, but they will be operating merely for emergencies. And he highlighted that the population of Orania was showing some growth.

“The offices will, however, be open for emergencies… People move in and our of the town all the time,” added Bishoff.

An Orania resident highlighted that in order to be considered or accepted to stay in the town, your application must undergo some scrutiny, and you must abide by rules and regulations governing the town, and such application must receive authorisation from the town council.

“Anyone who wishes to stay in the town is expected to abide by the rules and regulations. There are a number of stringent conditions that must be complied with,” highlighted the resident.