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ANC Gauteng provincial secretary Khawe awards lucrative contract to the company of soon to be his wife

Ga-Maphopha Talane – ANC’s Gauteng provincial secretary Jacob Khawe’s fiancée Nthabeleng Khabutlane is awarded a contract despite being beaten by other companies when bidding.

Khabulane’s company was appointed a contract in Emfuleni Local Municipality to provide Short Term Insurance as of February. It’s reported that Efuleni’s the same municipality where Khawe was a mayor prior handing his resignation letter to take up a new position of provincial secretery.

It is said that the contract was awarded to the provincial secretary’s fiancée having failed to follow the protocol as the municipality’s legal service team handed a report to the manager thereof, Lucky Leseane, legally advising him to cancel the contract as it does not serve the municipality.

When Khawe was confronted by Media to answer to the allegations, he said, “I don’t do that with any municipalities,” he failed to answer other questions posed to him with which to ascertain the genuine nature of his relationship with Nthabeleng and to confirm if they’re really getting married.

Despite his failure to answer some questions to the media, Sunday Independent has seen pictures of him with Khabutlane looking too affectionate towards each other and again saw a digital traditional wedding invite.

The source told the Sunday Independent that the GP secretary is frustrating process and meddling in the affairs of many municipalities in the province as he’s making a way for the appointment of Fezi and Opulentia to provide insurance policies in the municipalities, saying that he’s blocking other companies to take over the contract even though they’re the best ones to serve those municipalities.

Jacob’s alleged involvement follows the awarding of the contract to the company his soon-to-be wife was a director as the story changes following the allegations, of which the public beyond reasonable doubts