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A father filmed by his child whilst drowning / Image: Twitter

A child watches and films his father drowning

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Talane – Child watches and films his dad drowning at Nkoyoyo Quarry Dam. The video’s been circulating on social media, the most shocking video ever.

The man gave his child his phone to record him, as he jumps in, the man starts struggling, after teaching 1 minute mark, his kid asks how his father will flee the dam as he struggles.

This caught South Africans exhibiting their confusing as someone said, the man can swim and he’s so close to the rock yet couldn’t get out.

Unfortunately, the man couldn’t make it as he died, another video shows divers carrying his body.

Someone said the man couldn’t swim as he was a learner but tried to show her child that he can swim.

SA warns that “people mist learn to respect waters.”

People are concerned as there’s another video showing kids swimming at the same dam.