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President Ramaphosa on post-covid19 recovery plan

President Ramaphosa shares his views in G20 leaders’ summit for post-covid19 recovery

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His Excellency, President Cyril Ramaphosa on attended a virtual summit of G20 leaders held by Riyadh – the capaital city of Saudi Arabia, the summit took two days, started on the 21st and ended on the 22nd day of Movember 2020.

Ramaphosa told the G20 leases that the pandemic didn’t have an impact on human health only, it unreservedly had a huge impact on us, socially and economically so!

The summit was attended by notable leaders like Navendra Mobi who when addressing the G20 partners reiterated the significancd of reforms in multilateral organisations to ensure better global governance for faster post-covid19 recovery.

“In the middle of the pandemic, even as we battle rusing global infections, we must looky towards an inclusive economic recovery, where no country is left behind… This pandemic has once again bought to the fore, the urgent need for women’s economic empowerment,” said his Excellency.

The president went ahead to say that the plan for recovery from the crisis requires countries to put more effort to meet the global obligations as reflected in the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development as aforementioned, “no country must be left behind.”

The president emphasised how happy he is got the extra effort put by African countries to sustain people’s lives by giving and supporting then with necessities throughout the pandemic, “as the African continent, we are playing our part including through the establishment of a covid19 response fund to mobilise resources for a continental response and to support recovery.