You are currently viewing SEMA awards ceremony scheduled for Friday, the 18th of December 2020

SEMA awards ceremony scheduled for Friday, the 18th of December 2020

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Jane Furse – the Sepedi Music Awards (SEMA)‘s 3rd Annual Ceremony would be taking place on Friday, the 18th of December 2020 in Polokwane at Jack Botes Hall.

The major aim of SEMA emerge to be the recognition of Sepedi excellence, as talents of the young vibrant stars are recognised nationwide.

SEMA is one of the most unique awards ceremony to ever be hosted in Limpopo’s biggest sumptuous town, Polokwane.

It is obvious as it is alluded that, this is the 3rd awards ceremony SEMA’s hosting, that the organisation was founded in 2018, where the ceremony took place in Turfloop, at the University of Limpopo, with the most heart-warming headlines “Bafenyi ga ba lahlegelwe ke tshepo” which simply means winner do not lose hope.

SEMA, awards ceremony for the first time in South Africa, to take into recognition those dancing and singing with and/or using Sepedi or Northern Sotho language, irrespective of their prominence.

Wedding songs star, such as Pleasure and any other singer thereof who uses the aforementioned language(s).

SEMA’s activities are cushiontised by FAME Academy SA, said to be the brain child of the organisation that is recognising the talents of youngsters as it provides lessons through television and stage professional to those pursuing any career in the faculty of arts, inter alia, dancing, professional photoshoot, music, stage performance, etc.

We see Limpopo born and bred stars such as Pleasure, Lil Meri, CCandy Tsa Mandebele, The Double Trouble among others.

You can check your favourite star by clicking here….

The 18th of December 2020, at Jack Botes Hall, SEMA’s activities will be taking place.