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One night with Black Stone featuring Taurus and DJ Rush

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Ngwaabe – Ngwaabe’s Da Brave Café chose to go forward despite the second wave of Covid-19.

Tonight, Black Stone Sammy will be deejaying for Ngwaabe house music lovers at Da Brave Café, featuring of the two Talane’s upcoming house music guru’s, William Tau, known for his stage name as Taurus, and Imprecious Maboki, as DJ Rush.

This is one of the most unique mini bash Ngwaabe will be attending for the first time, having being impacted by Covid-19 outbreak.

Black Stone Image: Facebook

Black Stone is known for his sound music, apart from spinning decks, he’s the owner of Blackstone Production known for hiring sound stage, lighting and screens for special occasions or bashes.

Taurus (left), DJ Rush (right), and their friend (centre) Image: Facebook

It is enticing to witness such young talented deejays having a strong bond irrespective of their flaws. Merely if young stars can take from them, a vividly enticing world, we’d dwell within.

This Talane deejays are known as best friends which persevered even after their popularity in Ga-Sekhukhune.

Apart from being best friends behind the decks, they have so much to give.

Da Brave Café made it clear that no entry will be allowed to any person who’s not complying with Covid-19 regulations.

Facebook is on fire as attending Da Brave Café’s One Night with Black Stone having said to feature the Talane house music stars, Taurus and DJ Rush.

Those willing to attend, are safe to attend as 22:00 to 04:00 curfew is adhered to as shown on the poster.