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Ngwaabe unemployed graduates start a nonprofit organisation

Ngwaabe unemployed graduates found a nonprofit organisation called NUG – Ngwaabe Unemployed Graduates with the sole aim of fighting for administration possession. We see Ngwaabe University of Limpopo (UL) graduates such as Ishmael Makua, Jacqueline Mokgoroane and the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)’s Welcome Mokabane taking part in the NUG.

Unemployment in the midst of South Africa’s graduates is annihilating. This is a daily topic, unemployment isn’t a good friend to any of us.

South African youth is dismantled by the inability to get employed following graduation from their respective institutes of higher learning. Even to any of my enmities, I can’t wish them to trickle within unemployment, literally those without college diploma.

How bad it is being experienced by someone who went to university with the hope of making a difference and being the change themsleves – the change that South Africa’s craving to have.

Unemployment has befallen South Africa, it’s our daily topic. What about unemployed graduates? Surely, this is our every second topic, it trickles inside the minds of many even mine. It is annihilating being an unemployed graduate. “Let’s be the change. Are you a college unemployed graduate residing in Ngwaabe? Well this is the right place for you to be, read about us and become part of us.

Your participation is a percentile contribution towards our success – being recognised for the graduates we are and prioritised. Join us as we open doors for ourselves, no one is going to aid us, albeit together as unemployed graduates – we can!” said the NUG members.